Guess Who’s Back

Going to give this a go again.

But this time, I’m going to look at it more as a hobby rather than a “job”. I guess that I got burned out a bit too quick by self-imposing deadlines on myself with the (few) reviews I’ve published last year. Mostly, I find myself back here again because I want a platform that forces me to dissect and publicly externalize my day-to-day consumption.

So below is a rough road map of that. Not promising that I’ll be writing about all of the listed stuff per se but still a good guide into what I’ve been watching/listening/reading as of recent.

Television: Better Call Saul – Season 2, Broad City – Season 3, American Crime Story  –  Season 1

Music (heaviest rotation): The Life of Pablo – Kanye West, Anti – Rihanna, EVOL – Future, Blackstar – David Bowie and Sicario – Jóhann Jóhannsson

Movies (most recently viewed): The Witch, Deadpool (will see this upcoming wknd), Room, The Revenant

So yeah. I’m excited to be back here writing. I always like to force myself into situations that force me to create something from my daily routine. This could be that in regards to my creative experiences.

Keep your eyes open and your ears peeled.



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